The Top Five Parks to Camp in Kentucky.

Thousands of people go camping every year, and one of the top places to camp is KY. Some people out there are experts in the KY camping landscape. Others have never pitched a tent in the woods of the Blue Grass State. If you are looking for a new site to spend the weekend camping or are well versed in the Kentucky campgrounds, take a look at these awesome camp sites. The best 5 on my list is Natural Bridge State Park Campground, Cumberland Gap National Historic Park Campground, Koomer Ridge Campground, Carter Caves State Park Campground, and Lake Malone State ParkCampground.

The Natural Bridge state Park is located near the Red River Gorge National Geologic Area and contains 2,200 acres surrounded by the Daniel Boone National Forest. The park includes 22 miles of trails, a 60 acre lake, two campgrounds, lodging, and dining facilities. The park also has many things for the outdoor oriented camper including boating, fishing, hiking, geological formations, canoe rentals, and much more. There are also some modern conveniences such as picnic areas, putt-putt, a swimming pool, and a Nature Center for families with children.

Cumberland Gap National Historic Park is a great place to camp and get a sense of history at the same time. The gap has been traversed by every early settler to the region and was well known to the Native American population and the men who first hunted Kentucky. Only seeing the parks 85 miles of trails first hand can you really understand the scope of their beauty. Cascading waterfalls, lush forests, and the mountain views are enough to convince anyone to visit the park.

Koomer Ridge Campground is situated in the Red River Gorge geological area and has access to Daniel Boone National Forest, Natural Bridge State Park, and Clifty Wilderness. Cabins, trailer spaces, and tent spaces can be rented at the Koomer Ridge campground. Outdoor activities located near Koomer Ridge include climbing, biking, hiking, and canoeing. I like this camp ground for its location and staff.

Carter Caves State Park has an amazing spread of activities for a single location. Obviously, there are many caves that can be explored here, but there is also fishing, boating, golf, hiking, biking, and special events. The park offers tent and trailer camping spaces along with offering cottages and a lodge. I personally really enjoy cave tours. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I go camping, and Carter Caves Park does not let down a cave enthusiast.

Lake Malone State Park is the smallest park on my list at only 388 acres, but its 788 acre lake and beautiful scenery far make up for its small size. Lake Malone boasts of the best hikes through its forest and amazing views of sandstone cliffs along the water’s edge. If you enjoy fishing, you can not go wrong with Lake Malone’s stock of large mouth bass, blue gill, crappie, and channel cats. Other activities around Lake Malone include boating, hiking, biking, picnicking, canoeing, jet skiing, volleyball, and horseshoes. Lake Malone has both primitive and improved camping sites.

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